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Marcos Stupenengo is an international journalist working for multiple news networks around the world. He currently serves as the United States Bureau Chief for Infobae, the worldwide leading news organization in Spanish language. He also works as an international correspondent for multiple global news networks. Previously, Stupenengo worked as an international correspondent for CNN based in Chile and Argentina. He also worked as an international correspondent for Fox International Channels. He started his career as a news reporter with ESPN and also worked at Channel 5 News, CNN Chile, Telefe, America TV, TVN, Canal 13 and Red Más Noticias.


At present, he is based New York City where he presents live reports on national and international news worthy events. He also travels around the world following the latest news and finding a different angle for featured stories and special investigations as well as breaking news.


Stupenengo started his professional career in journalism at the age of 17 when he joined a national cable news network in Argentina, working as the network’s youngest reporter at the time, Stupenengo managed the coverage of technology-related news occurring in Latin America with daily airing of his reports taking place. In 2006, Stupenengo was hired by Disney & ESPN Media Networks to coordinate their multimedia platform at ESPN Deportes. After gaining experience in the online video industry at ESPN, he was recruited by Google in 2008 to manage the corporation’s YouTube operations for its Hispanic markets. Shortly after, in 2009, Stupenengo received an offer to join CNN where he was appointed to an anchor position at CNN Chile while also working as a news correspondent for the network’s other channels. During this period, Stupenengo received several awards, including the Vicuna Mackenna Medal for his notable coverage of the 2010 Chile earthquake.

After his decision to relocate within Argentina, in 2011 Stupenengo left CNN and joined C5N, a national news network based in Buenos Aires. Stupenengo anchored a daily live news segment for C5N until the network faced pressure by Argentinean government officials to remove certain independent journalists. As a result, Stupenengo - along with several other journalists working for network – resigned in 2012. Afterwards, Stupenengo continued reporting for CNN on a freelance basis covering noteworthy international events such as the 2012 Buenos Aires rail disaster. In 2012, Stupenengo relocated to New York City where he joined Fox International Channels as an international correspondent.

Marcos Stupenengo

He interviewed several Presidents and personalities such as President Bill Clinton of the United States, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina, President Michele Bachelet of Chile, President Vicente Fox of Mexico, Pope Francis, Elton John, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus among others. He covered the Hostage crisis in India in 2008, the war on drugs in Mexico in 2009, the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the earthquake in Chile in 2010, the Tsunami in Japan in 2011, the Costa Concordia shipwreck in 2012, the Olympic games of London 2012, the shooting at Sandy Hook high school in 2012, the hurricane Sandy in New York in 2012, the election of Pope Francis in 2013, the Boston marathon bombings in 2013, the Ebola crisis in Africa in 2014, the disappearance of Malaysia flight MH370 in 2014, the partial recovery of MH370 fuselage in Reunion Island in 2015, the refugee crisis in Europe in 2015, Pope Francis United States visit in 2015, the Paris terrorist attacks in 2015, the United States presidential election in 2016, the death of Fidel Castro in 2016.

Digital Communications

Stupenengo Marcos

New innovations, breakthrough technologies, and changing consumer habits are redefining the media landscape—fueling demand for media professionals who can apply the latest tools and techniques to create compelling digital content. Critical thinking, analysis, and practical skills are essential to developing and implementing communications strategies that advance an organization’s goals and mission.

As a digital communications professional, the goal is to help direct and coordinate online marketing efforts at a company, government or organization. By mixing technical computer skills with traditional marketing practices, these actions help increase sales and solidify a company's online presence. Marcos leads the strategic development and growth of several organizations worldwide digital and social media practice. His responsibilities include cultivating client relationships, developing social media perspectives, providing senior counsel to key clients and new business development.


  • 2003 Hired by ESPN
  • 2007 Hired by Google
  • 2008 Hired by CNN
  • 2008 Interview Michelle Bachelet 1-1
  • 2008 India: Mumbai Hostages
  • 2009 Interview Cristina Kirchner 1-1
  • 2009 Mexico: Drug War
  • 2010 Haiti: Earthquake
  • 2010 Chile: Earthquake
  • 2011 Japan: Tsunami
  • 2012 Italy: Costa Concordia Shipwreck
  • 2012 London: Olympics
  • 2012 Newtown: Sandy Hook Shooting
  • 2012 New York: Hurricane Sandy
  • 2013 Vatican: Pope Francis Election
  • 2013 Hired by FOX
  • 2013 Boston: Marathon Bombings
  • 2014 Africa: Ebola Crisis
  • 2014 Malaysia: MH370 Disappearance
  • 2015 Reunion Island - MH370
  • 2015 European Refugee Crisis
  • 2015 Pope Francis USA Visit
  • 2015 Terrorists Attacks in Paris
  • 2016 US Presidential Election
  • 2016 UK Brexit Live Coverage
  • 2016 Death of Fidel Castro
  • 2017 Terror attacks in Barcelona


  • Vicuña Mackenna Medal
  • EU Jouarnalism Award 2012
  • Congressional Award
  • International Emmy Winning Newscast
  • Emmy "Best News Special"


  • National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
  • Inter American Press Association
  • International Press Institute
  • National Press Club



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